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Applied kinesiology is an alternative medicine technique which involves muscle testing and therapy. This type of health procedure was initiated by Doctor George J. Goodheart Jr. in 1964. Goodheart was able to diagnose human illnesses through observing muscle response.

The idea behind Applied Kinesiology (AK) is closely associated to the weakness and strength of your muscles which enables human diseases to be detected through a unique technique procedure similar to some popular Chinese alternative medical techniques. Procedures in kinesiology are not used as a single method in diagnosing body’s imbalances. The procedural technique is not testing muscle strength, but rather evaluation of muscle tensions and smoothness of response during muscle contraction. One of the basic muscle testing techniques is the arm-pull-down test where the patient became resistant as the practitioner exerts a slight force on an extended arm.

AK is a system that evaluates chemical, mental, and structural aspects of health using a method called manual muscle testing (MMT). Muscle testing is a form of noninvasive evaluation technique to evaluate body’s responses through application of slight pressure to your muscles. Moreover, muscle testing is a common procedure of testing points on muscles. Finding the weak muscles enable the practitioner to locate illness in the corresponding organs in the body. For example, a weak chest muscle might indicate a liver disturbance.

Nowadays, the concept of AK is becoming a very effective tool for diagnosing and correcting various body imbalances which may relate to nutrition, learning problems, stress, injuries, and so on. One of the great benefits of AK is its versatility which can be applied anywhere at any time. It can be modified to suit every patient needs and can be used by people from all walks of life. Treatment modalities under this natural technique include cranial-sacral therapy, acupuncture, deep tissue therapy, joint manipulation, clinical nutrition, meridian therapies, and dietary counseling.

AK techniques are also used to diagnose vascular, nerve, and lymphatic systems. Kinesiological technique traces and identifies the root cause of body’s imbalances affecting the energy system that impedes the self-healing capability of the body. The technique can handle health conditions like chronic fatigue, stress, dyslexia, learning difficulties, asthma, ADHD, arthritis, psoriasis, and behavioral problems.

At Chargrin Natural Health Clinic, patients who are suffering from pains, aches, and diseases were able to experience the many benefits of Applied Kinesiology. After the diagnosis and treatment, patients expressed their remarkable improvement on their health conditions.

Here at Chargrin Natural Health Clinic, we have well-trained practitioners that can diagnose accurate muscle responses. Muscle strengths are evaluated using checking and testing methods. Rest assured that your body imbalances can be corrected using skin surface reflexes that require holding points similar to Chinese meridian, acupuncture, and massage system.

If you have intestinal issues, allergies, fibromyalgia, back pains and other related health issues, Applied Kinesiology at Chagrin Natural Health Clinic is the best solution to your health problem.

With Applied Kinesiology, we can identify the precise treatment suited to your condition. AK is safe, effective, and really works for your body.

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HEADACHES & MIGRAINES: Since I have started treatment with Chagrin Natural Health, I feel so much better! I was suffering from acid reflux, gas, bloating and burping and now these problems are gone. I also feel more calm, have more energy and my chronic headaches are so much better.

— M.K.