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“I couldn’t believe how diet and supplements could make such a big difference. I sleep better, enjoy work-outs more due to an increase in energy, and enjoy more and more relaxation in my life. It can’t get much better than this! Or can it?”

– D.H. (Chagrin patient)

Improving one’s lifestyle holistically and natural doesn’t only include physical activity and detoxification: a lot of it is what we put into our bodies as well. But how can one person be expected to know what to consume in order to live a healthier, happier life?

Designed Clinical Nutrition counseling and Nutritional Response Testing, offered at our Bainbridge office, addresses the issue of what we put into our bodies.

How can you address the causes of my symptoms with Designed Clinical Nutrition?

First, we assess the symptoms that your body presents to us and identify the underlying reason for those symptoms whether it is allergies, asthma or another condition. In the case of A.D., a basketball player and former patient of our practice, we determined that his lungs were constantly inflamed due to asthma. He complained of troubled breathing when it came time to work out or play a game, and we were able to find out that he had asthma.

Afterwards, we make dietary suggestions and determine the exact supplements that you need. For someone in A.D.’s shoes, we would’ve suggested incorporating more apples, cantaloupes, and related foods in order to open up airways. Additionally – and perhaps most importantly – we would’ve suggested whole food supplements that have been proven to help open up airways. These whole food supplements (such as cod liver oil and cranberry concentrate) are meant to supplement the healthy dietary guidelines that we establish during our Designed Clinical Nutrition Sessions.

Why can’t I just take a daily multivitamin?

Daily multivitamins often aren’t sufficient dietary complements to those with medical concerns. They are very broad, general combinations of everyday vitamins and minerals that should be acquired from daily diet. What works for someone with sleep apnea probably won’t work for someone struggling with sudden weight loss or allergies. Exact supplements are useful in targeting problem areas.

So can I just eat better and feel better?

Oftentimes, food is tampered with in order to extend its shelf life or make it taste more palatable. Especially in the case of meat, food is genetically engineered to grow larger in a shorter amount of time. Of course this has ramifications for your body, and it’s nearly impossible to track what all is in your food at all times. Even if you were able to pick out only non-modified foods to consume, that doesn’t take into account the fact that other contaminants can and will find their way into our food supply undetected by the average producer and consumer. This isn’t a doom-and-gloom scenario: this makes it that much more important for us to effectively prescribe you the right supplements in the right amount.

Take control of your health today by undergoing your very own Designed Clinical Nutrition counseling. Your body will thank you for it later!

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From Our Patients

BACK PAIN: When I came in I could hardly move. Sitting was out of the question because of pain. Also, I needed help getting out of bed. Now I’m flexible and pain free. I feel great! I’m able to get out of bed myself and am able to move without pain.

— P.C.