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What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that is twice the size of the circulatory system. It has three main functions:

  • Removal of excess fluids and toxins from the body tissues
  • Absorption and transport of fat
  • Production of immune cells

The fluid carried within the lymphatic system is called “lymph.” Lymph movement is essential to the lymphatic system. Our lymphatic compression massage device uses repetitive inflation and deflation of an air pressure device to help your body properly drain these lymph fluids causing numerous health benefits, not to mention it is a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

Many people are walking around with a “congested” lymphatic system without even knowing it and this is contributing to several health conditions including: bloating and fluid retention, joint or muscle pain, difficulty losing weight, poor circulation and a compromised immune system.

Therefore, regular lymphatic drainage massages, also known as Pressotherapy, can assist these conditions to improve your body’s ability to protect itself, remove excess toxins, and unlock fat from the fat cells. 

How Lymphatic Drainage Therapy works

The system consists of sleeves that are positioned around the limbs.  A computer-controlled pump inflates the individual sections, forcing toxins and fatty deposits into the circulatory system.  The toxins are then naturally flushed by the body through the lymphatic system.  Lymphatic drainage therapy offers many benefits: it works great as a detox cleanse, improves circulation, helps with weight loss, reduces stress and more.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage Therapy

  • Detoxification – removes toxins and excess fluid from the body
  • Improves circulation
  • Assists with reducing cellulite
  • Helps with weight loss, fat loss and body contouring
  • Reduces varicose veins
  • Alleviates muscle cramps
  • Helps reduce stress and insomnia
  • Reduces swollen ankles and water retention
  • Eases arthritis and fibromyalgia pain

Call our clinic today and, in a spa-like atmosphere, experience relaxation and noticeable results after just one 30 minute lymphatic drainage session.

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MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS: Before coming to see Chagrin Natural Health, I suffered from severe menstrual cramps the week before, during and after my period which were really affecting my life. But now, the menstrual cramps are much better. I only have a little bit of cramping on the first day of my period.

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