Infrared Sauna Therapy and Detoxification in Chagrin Falls OH

Deep penetrating heat that detoxifies and revitalizes the cells

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What is Sauna Dome & Biomat Technology?

A “Sauna Dome” is a pod-like device that encapsulates the body and delivers a special type of deep penetrating heat which is often referred to as an infrared sauna. A “Biomat” is a mat one lays on that delivers healing properties that also penetrate deeply into the body to detoxify and revitalize your cells.

Our sauna therapy offers the best in detoxification of your body and can help cleanse you of toxins and increase your immune system. We’re not like any normal sweat lodge, a Sauna Dome/Biomat half hour session is like no other therapy offered in Northeast Ohio!

The combination of these two technologies can offer the following:


  • Burns up to 1000 calories in one half hour.
  • Assists with weight loss, cellulite reduction
  • Clinically proven to reduce stress.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Regenerates damaged cells of the body by increasing circulation.
  • Improves appearance of the skin giving it a healthy “glow.”
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It will help detoxify 20% more toxins versus only 3% in a conventional sauna.
  • Compliments any nutritional or other health improvement program.

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  • Sauna Dome & Biomat Technology

    Deep penetrating heat that detoxifies and revitalizes the cells
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From Our Patients

INTESTINAL ISSUES: Before I started my program with Chagrin Natural Health, I had a bloated stomach, diarrhea, pretty bad heartburn and acid reflux. Now I’m feeling much better overall. I no longer have a bloated stomach or diarrhea. Sometimes I still get acid reflux and even less often heartburn, but it’s much milder now than it used to be. I had been taking 2 Prevacid for my problems since 7/21/10, and have recently been able to stop taking it because there is no longer a need!

— K.S.