Lose Weight With Less Effort!

December 29, 2016 · Events | Nutrition

On Wednesday January 4th at 7:00 pm:

Learn how to

“Lose Weight With Less Effort”

during our first Facebook Live seminar at:


               Receive a quick introduction and guided tour of our office to acquaint you with our services.

Be among a primary group to preview the new technology we boast. And, be privy to specials we are currently offering that will help you reap the benefits of these remarkable technologies.

Dr. St. John will be speaking on the secrets of losing weight, but more importantly, how to keep it off using Nutrition Response Testing along  with other synergistic therapies.

What a great time for a NEW YEAR and a NEW YOU!

 As you will discover, our cutting edge Sauna Dome and Biomat technology is exclusive to Chagrin Natural Heath Clinic with continuous benefits including weight loss. When used in conjunction with our Lymphatic Compression Massage and Whole Body Vibration technology, there is even more fat that can be lost

So gather around your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone and settle into learning about how to make healthy strides for yourself in 2017!

      We guarantee you’ll like it!