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  • Chiropractic Care

    Aches, pains and disease are signs that the body isn't working properly. We will show you that chiropractic is safe, proven, and works!
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  • Applied Kinesiology

    As a scientific method of diagnosis utilizing specialized muscle testing to evaluate the major systems in your body, Applied Kinesiology helps determine precise treatments for your condition.
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  • Lymphatic Compression Massage

    Regular lymphatic drainage massage can assist in improving your body’s ability to protect itself, remove excess toxins, and unlock fat from the fat cells.
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  • Designed Clinical Nutrition

    Our doctors offer nutritional counseling. This program is a specifically designed nutrition program based on your body, to aid in healing itself.
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  • Footbath Detox Unit

    In addition to our Detoxification programs, we also recommend footbath detox unit treatments at our Bainbridge clinic. Contact us to find out more.
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  • Sauna Dome & Biomat Technology

    Deep penetrating heat that detoxifies and revitalizes the cells
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From Our Patients

WEIGHT PROBLEMS: Before I started working with Chagrin Natural Health I had struggled using weight and suffered and had unexplained pain above my kidney for a year. No Doctor could figure out what was wrong. I also felt like I was living in a cloud. For the first time in a year I don’t have that pain in my side! Chagrin Natural Health has helped me with my diet and making good decisions to become healthier. My energy level is much higher now and I am also losing weight!

— E.B.