Policies for EESystem Sessions

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Once in the EES Rejuvenation Lounge we ask that mobile devices be turned off or on airplane mode. If you must use a device please leave the lounge, use hushed voices in the waiting area or go outside the building.
  • The best way to experience benefits while in the EESystem is to take the time in your session to rest. Sleeping, meditation, silent prayer or listening to relaxing music are great ways to spend your time.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume.
  • Do not move or rearrange any furniture in the Rejuvenation lounge.
  • It is important to do a 30 minute IonCleanse Foot Bath Detox session OR Lymphatic Compression Massage session to support your body’s ability to detox. These are conveniently available before or after your EESystem session. Or you can do a salt bath at home within 24 hours: 2 cups salt, 2 cups baking soda.
  • Please do not touch or interfere with any part of the EESystem. You will be asked to leave, no refund will be issued for unused time, and you will be charged a $3500 fee. (This is minimum cost to fly out a technician to have the system recalibrated)

Cancellation Policy

  • If you need to cancel, please call 440-384-3099 or email contact@chagrinnaturalhealth.com within 24 hours of your appointment to avoid a $25 per session hour fee, or to have the scheduled number of hours deducted from your pre-pay package.
  • Your session is reduced by the amount of time you are late for your appointment.

You will consent to these policies upon booking your session.

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