Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology Can Find & Help Handle Your Condition

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system of diagnosis that uses muscle testing to determine the cause of your health conditions. It assesses all parts of the body including:

  • Muscles
  • Joints
  • Ligaments
  • Bones
  • Nerves
  • Blood flow/circulation
  • Acupuncture points
  • Organs

Muscle Testing Chagrin Falls OHThis type of health procedure was discovered by Doctor George J. Goodheart Jr. in 1964. Goodheart discovered that specific muscles in the body are related to specific organs and found he could test the strength of muscles to diagnose many health conditions and correct them. The doctor isolates and tests specific muscles by applying moderate pressure then observing patient’s ability to resist the pressure is noted. Patients are often astounded that muscle weaknesses are found and then, after mere minutes of treatment, the same muscle is now much stronger. It wasn’t that the muscle needed to be strengthened with exercise…it simply needed to be “turned back on” through specific treatment to one of many areas including the spine, muscles, or even acupuncture points.

Again, AK is becoming a very effective tool for diagnosing and correcting various musculoskeletal and organ imbalances. One of the great benefits of AK is its versatility which can be applied anywhere at any time. It can be modified to suit every patient’s needs and can help patients of all ages and from all walks of life. Treatment modalities under this natural technique include cranial-sacral therapy, acupuncture, deep tissue therapy, joint manipulation, clinical nutrition, acupuncture meridian therapies, and counseling.

At Chagrin Natural Health Clinic, our physicians are experts in AK and our patients have often experienced miraculous results.