Ionic Foot Bath Detox

Cutting-Edge Detox program For Your Benefit

We highly recommend our patients undergo a series of foot bath detoxification unit treatments at our Bainbridge clinic. Our IonCleanse detox foot bath unit is a cutting edge technology that creates an electrical charge similar to the body’s own electrical charge that stimulates every cell in the body to internally cleanse itself naturally and at an increased rate.

There are numerous benefits in using an Ionic foot detox program bath such as:

  • Easing arthritic pain, muscle pain and cramps
  • Energizing effect in chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Enhanced detoxification and excretion of toxic heavy metals.
  • Normalizing effect on blood pressure
  • Normalizing effect on autism
  • Decreased fluid retention
  • Improvement in neuropathies
  • Sleep improvement
  • Better overall health and vitality

How Does the Foot Detox Program Work?

As a complete foot detox near you, the Ionic foot bath works as the patient sits with their feet in a container of warm water along with an “array” that carries electromagnetic frequencies and harmonics to the body through the water medium. The Chagrin Falls detox program process occurs during the treatment and continues 24-48 hours after the session. It’s a very relaxing experience and not only helps with detoxification but with other health conditions.

Here’s What Patients Have Said About Their Foot Bath Experience:

“After one session the swelling in my ankles was gone.” M.V.

“I have so much less muscle pain and stiffness in the morning.” L.N.

“It really detoxified my body in a gentle, relaxing manner.” T.S.

“It’s such a stress reliever!” J.S.

“After 8 foot baths I no longer suffer from menstrual cramps.”

“After a series of foot baths I have much more energy.” J.S.

If you want better health and vitality, our detox program might be just the thing you need. Call us to schedule a detox spa therapy appointment in the Chagrin Falls area today so you can start seeing improvements in yourself.